When building an engine or modifying an existing platform, there many variables to consider. Not only are size, power and type relevant – so is the application.Whether you’re using your car for the street or on the track, deciding to go naturally aspirated vs. forced induction is one of the most important decisions you will make. Deciding isn’t that simple though as each setup has its own distinct advantages, disadvantages and requirements.

Naturally Aspirated Engines
A naturally aspirated engine is designed and engineered to breathe on its own without the aid of any external power adders like a supercharger or turbo. Understanding that an engine is quite simply put – a large air pump – will help understand that the more air you can get into this air pump, the more fuel you can add which equates to more power. Although this is a simplistic view, it is the foundation of every combustion engine. The other variable is how the additional air and fuel are utilized which equates to optimizing the engine’s efficiency. The basics of a naturally aspirated engine revolve around heads, cam and intake (HCI). Matching these three components for flow and power output is what we do best. Champion Motors approaches each build with the objective of producing the most reliable power for street and track including specifying our own custom grind cams!

Want to progress through a naturally aspirated build with tried and true bolt on performance upgrades? We can help you select the best combination of bolt on components like a cold air intake, headers and exhaust. If you choose to take your existing naturally aspirated platform down the path of forced induction, you’ll want to talk to us about GETTING BLOWN!

Let Champion Motors help you achieve your power achieving aspirations.